Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Which Jobs and Sun Certifications are Hot in the Java IT Industry?

I originally posted this on my website that deals with how to get a job in the IT industry, specifically the Java industry, but I thought the graphs showing the various certificaiton trends was equally valid for this blog as well. Here's the link to the original posting:

How to Get A Career in the Java Industry: IT, J2EE & JEE5 Stuff

So, which Java certification is the best one to get? That's a question that people are always asking me and debating. So, I figured I'd go to the job posting board and graph the demand for the various Sun Java certifications from various job want ads. The results are pretty surprising:

SCJA vs. SCJP vs. SCEA vs. SCWCD vs. SCBCD vs. SCDJWS vs. SCMAD Job Trends

As you can see, the demand for SCEA professionals is sky high. Makes me wonder if there's a second meaning to SCEA of which I don't know? I've always said that SCEA was the most respected of all of the Sun and Java certifications, and the demand for that particular designation demonstrates just that.

Of course, taking SCEA out of the graph, you get a slightly different picture of current Java skills demand in the industry:

SCJA vs. SCJP vs. SCEA vs. SCWCD vs. SCBCD vs. SCDJWS vs. SCMAD Skills Trends

As you can see, SCJP demand is high, as you would expect, with it being a requirement for all other exams except the SCJA and SCEA exams. SCJA demand is obvioulsly lower than many due to the fact that it is a new exam, and employers are only starting to ask for it, but you can clearly see that demand is rising.

SCWCD demand is strong, as web development is always a priority. EJB certification demand has its ups and downs, and web services certification seems to be going down. Of course, the fact that there hasn't been a web services certification book ever released can't help things.

And sadly, micro-device certification, SCMAD, is nascent. That's too bad. :(

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