Friday, July 11, 2008

More Google Search Engine Optmization Success using Amazon Connect

So, I've been trying to figure out how to get to the top of the Google rankings.

Actually, I'd almost be happy if Google just spidered my darn site! I've got and, and I submitted it to Google's "Submit a Site" link, but after going back to Google and just searching on my own domain name, I still got nothing. I think it took like 3 weeks or a month before Google even recognized my domain name, but even then, my content, which really is the best free content on Hibernate3 development with JPA, was nowhere to be found on the search results.

Well, as an author, I'm part of Amazon Connect, which allows authors to do some blogs, talk about their books, and just basically connect to their readers. Few authors really use it. I mean, some put up one post, and maybe a second, but few actually repost.

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Well, I had some errata for my book, Hibernate Made Easy, and I decided to post it on my Amazon Connect page. I mean, what better way to let readers know about updates other than on the very page from which they bought the book?

(Check out My Amazon Connect Page - Cameron McKenzie)

So, I posted to Amazon Connect at 9:27am yesterday. A day later, at noon, I typed "Hibernate Made Easy Errata" into Google and guess what was at the top of the ranking? Yup, my Amazon Connect page! Google didn't waste a friggin' second spidering changes or updates from amazon, and it put the results right at the top of the rankings.

Who knows, maybe I should just scrap the whole blogger account and just post to amazon!

So, it looks like Google spiders Amazon at lightning fast speed, but typical websites, built through the blood sweat and tears of their designers who hack out nasty HTML, is sent right down to the bottom of the search results heap. Depressing.....

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