Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Proven Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Free (By Me!)

How do you get high rankings on Google?

Well, lets have a little Google Search Engine Optimization update from this original blog post on the subject: How to optimize your website for high ranking search results

I think the answer is in the blog!

Well, after years of having crappy rankings with what I think is a very solid website, (and one that does all of the 'tricks' you need to optimize your webpage for Yahoo or Google or MSN search optimization) so I decided to move my information to some blog posts on blogger.com Well, wouldn't you know it that after one day of having a blog-site named SJCP Certification and Mock Exams that I'd start getting hits from google, and not just third page in the ranking hits, but really high level hits - we're talking FIRST PAGE!

Look at these killer results, after just ONE DAY of blogging!

I was page 1 from this search from germany:


And I was page 1 on the google results from Columbia as well:


Even this google search on the content of my first posting, Java interfaces, was on page 1 of google.com, that's the BIG ONE!


Now, bear in mind that these rankings are probably time sensitive. I doubt they'll be as high in a month (it's July 2008 as I write this.)

Is Blogging the Key to Great Search Engine Rankings on Yahoo and Google?( I think it is!)

So, it looks like the key is to blog, blog, blog. I guess all of that content that I've created in handsome looking websites is going to have to be all mutated and chopped up to fit a blogger.com profile. It's a bit of a shame, but no big deal. If it helps the great content that I've already generated out there, then it's worth it. And besides, I can alway send people back to my website once they've read the blog post anyways.

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